Turkish Delight

Fancy a bit of Turkish Delight? Ben has the perfect recipe…


Well its vaguely christmassy, if you’re a fan of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and more importantly, it’s bloody delicious.

Also, at the halfway point, as it’s setting, it looks like the pink goo from Ghostbusters 2, which made me want to put it in the toaster and sing to it!

Makes a very nice Christmas gift too! Or any time gift. People just like this stuff.

Also, if you fancy a more varied approach, lemon essence and coconut dusting, or orange and pistachio would both be a worthwhile try. Just vary what you stir in at the end!


300ml water
8 leaves gelatine (or equivalent of Agar powder for veggies)
500g caster sugar
Rose water
Pink food colouring
30g icing sugar
15g cornflour


Put the water in a large pan, and put the gelatine leaves in there. Go and have an amble for…

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