Uh Oh – I’m Home Alone At Christmas

giphyThings I Do When I Am Home Alone At Christmas

I am usually left ‘home alone’ when Greg has his work’s Christmas night out. I don’t have a good track record when it comes to being left home alone…

One Christmas I done this.

Another time I did this.

The most recent time saw me shifting all the furniture in the living room around and also doing this…

I then later went out into the garage and almost killed myself trying to get all the Christmas decorations but I ended up with this…

What about you? What do you get up to when you are left home alone? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveface.

As it is Christmas make sure you get your Ugly Christmas Sweater in time. Click the image below for the best range I have ever seen!



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12 thoughts on “Uh Oh – I’m Home Alone At Christmas

  1. Brilliant Steve – As usual this Christmas we have all the Home Alone films on TV – I mean all the Home Alone films- including those that should never have been made. And then the usual Sound of Music on Christmas Day. Boring……. At least we will have the Queens Message to toast, and toast, and toast…..

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