The World’s Top 10 Photos Of John Barrowman At Christmas

The World’s Top 10 Photos Of John Barrowman At Christmas

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called The World’s Top 10 Photos Of Cliff Richard at Cliff-mas. Now for a similar post of a man who could quite possibly end up being the next Cliff. It’s also a surprise Christmas present for one of my Facebook friends, Vanessa – she loves this man.

So, without further ado – let the World’s Top 10 Photos Of John Barrowman at Christmas commence…


10 this was John’s reaction when I told him he was going to feature on my blog



9 – taking a selfie in front of the shittest Christmas tree ever



8 – rubbing his big shiny lamp



7 – providing an ideal photoshop opportunity with his left hand…



6 – burying the people who photo shopped his pictures



5 a guest performance at a pole dancing club in space



4 wearing a TARDIS dress, I wonder if it’s bigger on the inside?



3oh dear, I must have missed that episode



2 – dressed like a dick!



1 – playing with The Krankies…but what exactly is that in their hands? No wonder wee Jimmy Krankie is shouting fan dabby dozie!

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The Top 10 Photos Of John Barrowman At Christmas