Netflix Jukebox: The Office…The End Oh Nooooooo!


It’s the end of an era and I feel completely lost…

I have finally watched all nine seasons of The Office. It’s taken a few months and the characters become part of my evening meal and it’s as if they established their own place at the dining table – I don’t know if I can cope without it.

If you have never watched it then I can’t recommend it highly enough – you will grow to love every single character for different reasons. While I go cry under the table I’ll share these…


If you have any recommendations for what show I can engross myself in next then all suggestions are welcome!


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13 thoughts on “Netflix Jukebox: The Office…The End Oh Nooooooo!

  1. I agree with the above. And Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt, seeing as it has ‘Erin’ in the title role. Only one season so far though 😦 Also was a big fan of 30 Rock. Basically anything that stars or is written by either Poehler or Fey! Oh, and quite like Modern Family too.

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