The World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Photos 2015 Edition…

Awkward Christmas Photos

There’s always some people who just go that little bit too far when it comes to the annual Christmas Photo.

Here are some awkward photos from 2015

10 – “Be Grateful For All Your Presents” – I told you I would rather have Pokemon cards than a baby brother for Christmas, did you listen, did you – NO!


9 – “Suntan Claus” – mummy got drunk and passed out in her bed…her sun bed – silly mummy


8 – “The Human Reindeer” – I really hope they took this picture before the movie, The Human Centipede, was released – I’m scared by this!


7 – “Elf, Where’s Your Pants?” – when shadows turn rude and make you look naked


6 – “Christmas Pets” – if you do feel the need to include your pets in your photos then try to make it special


5 – “Merry Christmas, Baby” – they seem to have forgotten about someone…





3 – “Deck The Balls” – good attempt but do they light up?


2 – “A Christmas Beard” – although this is not particularly awkward and is actually kinda cool as it seems to be the trend this year…however it’s a nice photo to prepare you for number one


1- “The Anti-Santy” – there are literally no words!

Do you have a favourite awkward Christmas photo?

Do you have any Christmas fails you are brave enough to share? I’d love to hear about them so share them with me in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveface.

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Come back soon for my 2016 Christmas Top Ten and in the meantime take a look at my other Awkward Photos Top Tens.

The World's Top 10 Awkward Christmas Photos


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