Wednesday Lensday GIVEAWAY!

I won, I won, I won! I never win nothing. If you like randomness then check out the awesome Haylee. Don’t let the fact that she knows there is a version of The Beatles “I want to hold your hand” performed by Dollar put you off. It almost did for me 😉

Aloada Bobbins

This week’s Wednesday Lensday is about giving something back!

Next week marks my half blogoversary – six months since I began filling up the internet with my ramblings and nonsense! Anyone who has read my about page will know that I never expected to reach six days, never mind half a year. Amazingly, I’ve stuck at it and I’d like to celebrate a little early with you guys!

My amateur photography offerings have always been well received, so as it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to say thanks and give something to you for all the loveliness you’ve shown me from the beginning. Without my merry band of folk commenting on, visiting and sharing Aloada Bobbins, this blogging malarkey would be very dull indeed!


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