Adele Breaks All Chart Records – Eh, Naw She Didnae!

Did she really? Did she though?

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In a not-so-shocking turn of events Adele’s “25” has smashed chart records, with 800,307 sales in a week overtaking Oasis’s record-breaking album “Be Here Now” which sold 696,000 copies in its first chart week.

But did she really beat Oasis? Did she? Did She? Here’s what I say…

Translated for non-Scots speakers – “no, you have not!”

According to BBC Newsbeat Reporter Daniel Rosney

“whichever way you look at it, Oasis still beat Adele”

Well, that’s good enough for me so let’s remember that awesome album from Oasis. This was the height of the BritPop era and I remember counting down the days until this album was released.

I did really like the first single,”D’You Know What I Mean?” but it wasn’t my favourite.

Looking through the track listing I have to say I still really like every single song!

What’s my favourite then? It has to be “Stand By Me”…

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2 thoughts on “Adele Breaks All Chart Records – Eh, Naw She Didnae!

  1. I have yet to listen to an Oasis track–I know, where have I been. However, I do have Adele’s 21 album, which has become a favorite here at our home during weekends. I’ll be getting 25 soon. Her voice sounds incredible!

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