What Does The “X” In “X Factor” Stand For These Days?

Steve McSteveface

I am still of the opinion that the UK X Factor needs a complete overhaul if it’s to continue as a valid show. However, my question for now is – what does that X stand for these days? I don’t think it means that “special something” anymore, I think it means something different entirely…

When I was at school, doing my sums and then handing them to the teacher to mark, more often than not, they came back to me with a lot of red crosses. I had got them wrong!

The X Factor is now doing something wrong. Therefore, that’s what the big X represents nowadays.

Referring to the most recent show I could say “the wrong people were voted off” or “it’s a fix that acts who are clearly less talented remain in the competition” and that its all done in a secret conspiracy to keep viewing…

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