Excuse My Language But…

We are living in a crazy world which is getting bat shit crazier by the hour…

Suzie at SuzieSpeaks did a great motivational quotes post recently but sometimes when I watch the news I just think…


Who’s coming?

For more randomness take a look at my Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube accounts…





16 thoughts on “Excuse My Language But…

  1. This is why I rarely watch the news. I’m so ignorant, it’s terrible and blissful all at once. If something important is happening, Twitter tells the world anyway. 140 characters is enough for me to stomach in one go, thanks.

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      1. Was it? You see my ignorance also extends to Twitter because I still don’t think I fully know how to use it! I’m probably just best left in the wardrobe with the mothballs…

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