All You Need Is Love (And Hate)…

Steve McSteveface


As Taylor Swift once said “hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate” but what she forget to do is balance it out with “lover’s gonna love, love, love” – silly Taylor Swift…

If I have to share ten things that I love then, just so the world doesn’t implode, I have to then share ten things I hate. Ying, Yang, Feng Shui and all that!

Things I Love…in no particular order…


I spend all my time with myself, we all have to and that’s just life. If you don’t at least like yourself then your pretty much going to have a shit day – every day, until you die. We’ve all got our little imperfections but then so does everybody else so learn to like your imperfections but love your perfect parts as there is always much more of them than you realise!


If I was told that…

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