What Does The “X” In “X Factor” Stand For These Days?

What does that X in X Factor stand for these days?

I am still of the opinion that the UK X Factor needs a complete overhaul if it’s to continue as a valid show.  I don’t think it means that “special something” anymore, I think it means something different entirely…

When I was at school, doing my sums and then handing them to the teacher to mark, more often than not, they came back to me with a lot of red crosses. I had got them wrong!

The X Factor is now doing something wrong. Therefore, that’s what the big X represents nowadays.

Referring to previous shows I could say “the wrong people were voted off” or “it’s a fix that acts who are clearly less talented remain in the competition” and that its all done in a secret conspiracy to keep viewing figures up. However, at the end of the day it’s us, the voting public, who are ultimately making these decisions. I’m quite sure even Simon Cowell wouldn’t run the risk of fixing something like that.

That’s fair enough, the acts are staying/going and we have control over this but what we don’t have control over is how the acts are mentored, their image that’s portrayed to the public and the song choices that they sing.

THAT’S where I would draw a big red cross against Simon Cowell’s name!

He is either making poor choices on purpose to show some acts in a bad light because he already knows who he wants to win and wants the public to vote accordingly. Either that or he is simply making poor choices.

Do I have an example to back up my theory? Yes, one of Max Stone’s song choices from 2015. This guy has an amazing voice and Simon thought he should sing a song by Bruce Springsteen, “Secret Garden”, which is possibly one of the most boring songs ever. This is Max’s performance of it…

In the supporting footage Max did voice his concerns about the song but it obviously fell on deaf ears, he performed it and received the fewest amount of public votes and left.

I didn’t really think much more of it until Max posted this on Twitter…

This is Max Stone’s cover of cover of the awesome”Purple Rain” by Prince and it shows off his voice which is amazing.

I’m quite sure if he had performed this there is now way he would have been voted off at this stage.

Simon – you got it wrong. Please try harder!

Good luck Max for whatever comes next.

Do you agree/disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk

10 thoughts on “What Does The “X” In “X Factor” Stand For These Days?

  1. It is big news here that there was a slip of the tongue which shows that the voting was rigged and that the announcers knew who was going home before the voting lines were closed. We are not renewing our New Zealand version – we are just so over it all.

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