Instantly Ageless – OMG This S**t Actually Works!

Steve McSteveface

A few months ago I wrote a post about an “instantly ageless” cream that appeared to magically make the bags under your eyes disappear. I knew I had to try it – and I just have…

I have to say I am impressed and I swear there was no Photoshop involved whatsoever…

It’s made by a company called Jeunesseand can be easily picked up on Ebay and Amazon and I reckon I will be buying shares in the company!

What about you? How do you try to keep looking younger?

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12 thoughts on “Instantly Ageless – OMG This S**t Actually Works!

      1. Huh. We’re older than you but don’t have eye bags (sorry). Hubby’s googling it now, not finding much information about what it is or what is in it. An awful lot of multi-level marketing going on, not great. How many times have you used it now?

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