And The New Doctor Who Companion Is…

Steve McSteveface


The first episode of the latest season of Doctor Who has aired and it was worth the wait – Davros, Daleks and a very, very funny Missy. However, news broke that Jenna Coleman who plays Clara Oswald will be leaving the show. Ignoring all the existing rumours and the fact that it should really be me – who do I think should take on the role of the next Doctor Who companion?

First of all if we could bring back a previous character who had a supporting role but not quite a full-time assistant to the Doctor then it would have to be…

Jackie Tyler

Rose’s mum who last time we heard from her was in a parallel universe with Rose, Pete and new baby. Jackie was funny, dizzy and eventually we could see her becoming a lot more brave and adventurous…

Next up, couples, as there is a history of…

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