Should We Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?


I’m as guilty of it as everyone else and I feel like I am missing part of me if my smart phone or tablet are not within arm’s reach.

Here’s my question – are we relying on these devices too much and losing out on our abilities of natural human interaction?

A couple of things prompted this question. Firstly, a fantastic video called “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”

Secondly, a photographer who edited photos to remove smart phones and tablets were shared them in a post by called “Our Strange and Lonely New World” – I love the results! Click the image below to see the full gallery.

US photographer Eric Pickersgill

What do you think?

Are we using technology too much and forgetting how to communicate properly? I hold my hands up and admit I do but I also really don’t see how I can change that now and even if I actually would want to…

Let me know your opinion in the comments below or tweet me @stevesays2014I


19 thoughts on “Should We Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?

  1. Interesting post Steve, does make you think. I think we all need to step back from technology from time to time and just do those simple things that are often neglected. A brisk walk on a crisp autumn day does much to uplift the spirit, and no devices are needed except two ready legs!

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    1. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t use any device for a whole day. Even these days when I watch programs such as X factor I spend most of the time on Twitter. Although I too make an exception for The Doctor!

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  2. I remember well the days before cell phones, tablets, computers… hey, even TV… and I think that is the key to your question. My great grandchildren have all of those things…they teethed on cell phones, so to speak. Their parents have all of those things since they were in elementary school. The only way to break their reliance on these electronic tools would be nothing short of a massive power failure of a permanent nature.
    I would like to re-blog this on my own blog. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the reblog and your comment. I agree it is embedded in the younger generation from birth. I still remember having no gadgets or gizmos but I’d struggle to go back to that now I think.


      1. thanks for the thanks…hey, we had an electric light on when we were born, two or three generations before depended on candle light. The computer et al is just so concentrated and directed…very little browsing.

      2. so would I. But I think the difference is that you and I and peers would be able to go back without too much grief…but what about the youngers that have never known a time without their “stuff?”

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  3. Love that photograph, them staring at the palms of their hands like that. My husband and I recently spent a weekend on a boat with no WiFi and after conversing for about an hour we ended up watching a DVD on the laptop. In our early years together there was no such thing as internet or mobile phones or even DVD’s but in those days we read books and newspapers while chilling out on a Sunday or on vacation. In the past, reading at the table was discouraged as the family should spend mealtimes communicating – same applies today with mobile phones etc. Balance and moderation is the key.

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      1. You should give it a go, Steve. All you need do is arm yourself with books, music (pre-recorded, of course) maybe some DVD’s you can play on a laptop or download a few movies in advance. Spend the time outdoors taking photographs and the evenings messing about with them on your laptop. Without the distraction of WiFi or a phone signal, you can really get into a creative mood. Then again, you might just pull all your hair out and chew every nail off your fingers from boredom.

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