It Wasn’t Quite On My Bucket List But It’s Happened Anyway…

  The journey back was somewhat less eventful but it was quite sad that it was the last Virgin “Little Red” flight and the cabin crew seemed to be making the most of it…

Steve McSteveface

41G9WA5NRDL._SX466_I recently went on another little trip and I have had an unwanted, first time and hopefully last time for everything, definitely not on my bucket list experience…

Let me start at the beginning as it just seems that after the beginning there was a chain reaction of catastrophes. Minor catastrophes in the grand scheme of things but all the same – it wasn’t the best of times.

It all started in the security area at the airport which I usually find very unstressful. I have my system and it works. I don’t empty anything out of my bags or jacket until the very second that I have my plastic trays. From that second it’s like a military operation – bag and jacket in one tray, iPad, laptop, belt and watch and all other stuff from pockets in the second. Bish, bash, bosh and it takes less than 30 seconds…

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