Soundtrack Of Summer – A Vacation Mix-Tape

Talk About Pop Music

The holiday is over so what would I say were the soundtrack songs to this vacation?

What would be on my holiday mix-tape?

Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?”

This track was dropped just as I was about I leave for the airport. I can’t say I’ve been a “Belieber” before but when I first heard his last tune I could kind of see he was trying to turn over a new leaf. Justin’s new stuff has a really good sound to it and during recent interviews I have watched I seriously think he has turned a good corner.

So, to all the non-beliebers I say judge him on his new music not his past mistakes – we all make them!

There’s also a really nice acoustic version…

Natalie Imbruglia – “Instant Crush”

I had head this track once or twice before I went on holidays but since I had…

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