Drunken Beer Arsed Chicken



I’ve wanted to make this since I first saw one. It’s probably a low point for mankind’s relationship with animals, but it’s also delicious. By shoving a can of beer, in an undignified manner, up the chicken’s back passage, you will steam the meat, keeping it lovely and moist, but also, the metal of the can will heat up too, cooking the chicken from the inside, ensuring an evenly roasted chicken. What seems like a gimmick is actually a really clever way of making a super efficient cookery method.

Anyway, this is probably one of the last barbeque recipes of what’s been a pretty disappointingly grey summer. I found a collection of ten classic cook books in my charity shop, with a couple I already had, but now have a bunch of Jane Grigson, Elizabeth David, Rick Stein and such to carry me through autumn and winter, so will be…

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