Breathe, Then Reread.


“Sometimes there’s beauty in the tough words- it’s all in how you read them.”-Jennifer Niven

I have realised over time that it’s not what is said, it’s how you take it. The way people can talk to you, can scar. ‘Sticks and stones’ they say. Well I as are many, am tough. Poke me with a stick and I wont flinch. Call me fat, tell me I can’t do something, pick out my insecurities? That’s when you have got me.

The beauty in something tricky, something that has upset you, is the way in which you can just stop and take it in. Many have the ability to simply just brush off these things. And that’s okay. But, if like me you analyse the things that bother you until they swallow you up, things just are not that easy to ‘brush off’.

So, if you’re one of the people that…

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