‘Camera Lucida’ – Divergent


Welcome to week #8 of Camera Lucida Photo Challenge

Divergent Divergent

This week’s theme: Divergent

The definition of divergent is things that move in different directions or that are far apart from each other.

Opposites, dissimilar, different, contradictory, reverse.

Every time I look at this picture there is one thing that comes to mind…opposites attract!
Do you agree?
This week take a look around you…do you see anything divergent? You might stop at a cross road thinking about two different directions, is there an object in your view that inspires contradictory…take a snapshot of the unusual, the yin and yang…the black and white…the sun and the moon…the cross line between seasons…
Tell us a story…a tale of opposites that somehow creates one unique moment!

What will be your opposite?


How to join us?

Follow your host and share each week your own vision of the theme.

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