The Clapper…

“Clap on, Clap off. The Clapper”

Yes I am talking about the infamous device that turns your lights on and off by clapping your hands. I remember seeing this Ad on TV and thinking that is the coolest thing since slice bread. Clap your hands and on the lights go. Clap your hands again and they turn off. What a cool concept right? Not in our case.

My husband ordered The Clapper from Ebay the other day and it showed up. We plugged it into his bedside lamp and started clapping. On, off, on, off. We thought this was pretty neat. Reminiscing back to the Ad above, laughing. It wasn’t until the dog started barking that it went into full on, off mode. The reason the dog was barking, was because the lamp was going on and off. So now, both The Clapper and the dog are going full force…

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