Dear Bloglovin’, Love Sherina

Dear Bloglovin’,

Let me be frank: I love the idea of your services (a platform to follow blogs from a variety of web hosts), but I don’t use them very often. I do plan to use Bloglovin’ more frequently – becoming more familiar with it has been on my to-do list for quite some time, actually – but for now I’ll settle for having a barely-used account, occasionally glancing at the app on my homescreen, and reading your emails.

I may not use Bloglovin’ very often, but I am passionate about blogging. Since starting sherinaspeaks three years ago, I have been focused on becoming a better writer and writing about a variety of topics. I love writing posts, reading other blogs, and developing my blog brand. The message behind what I write has always been important to me; more so than the amount of followers my blog has. That’s why…

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