Bush Whacked

The Chelle Seeker

I lay here in a sore and sorry state on my bed. Absolutely everything aches. I think I pushed myself a bit too hard today after setting out on a solo bushwalk at the serenely beautiful O’Reilly’s Retreat in the Lamington State Forest. I was told by a friend to aim for the view at Mt Merino. Unfortunately that was a twenty four kilometre round trip from the car, but it was early and I was in the mood for adventure.
Here are my seven stages of today’s marathon which took me just over seven hours to complete.


Stage 1- First hour everything is wonderful. I’m happily taking numerous photos of the path and the spectacular fungi that grows from the fallen trees. The path is a little slippery but hey you can’t have a rainforest without the wet stuff. So the path is a little muddy but I am…

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