Going Back To School Part Two: Top 10 Memories Of The Early Years

We’ve reached that point in the year when summer holidays have come to end and it’s time to go back to school. What are my top ten memories from my time at Primary School? Let’s find out…

1 – Chairs on tables

At the end of every school day we were always made to lift the chairs and put them on top of our desks.


I’m quite sure this isn’t allowed any more due to health and safety because I remember many times I would leave the classroom and accidentally knock half the chairs down with my school bag as I brushed past – carnage!


2 – Free milk

Getting free school milk was still a practice during my early days at school which was great…however being a “milk monitor” wasn’t so great! I can still smell the horrible sour milk smell of the old bottles in the old crates – gross!



3 – Playtime

No doubt the best 15 minutes of the day. What I can’t figure out is how we managed to fit so much things into such a short time.


Swap football stickers, play games, exchange the snacks we got as, what Scottish kids called play-pieces,  in a “one for one” scenario. Personally, I used to hold my pack of crisps really hard when the other kids picked out their crisps  – we had a lot of fatties at our school! There was also always a current “trend” be it yo-yos, conkers, marbles. I’m not ashamed to admit I sometimes played skipping with girls – but only when they used double skipping ropes – that was “hardcore skipping”. Play time was ace!


4 – Gym Class

In future years I would hate gym class but in Primary school it was fun.


Swinging from ropes, climbing up bars, walking along beams and I was always amazed at how versatile those little benches with the flaps could be! There was also a lot of bean bag and hula hoop work if I remember correctly. I used to hate it when it was my turn on the mat – I mean what the f*** are you meant to do on that?


5 – Church, Assembly & Hymns

I’m not sure why everyone was forced to go to church at Christmas and Easter but we did it anyway – it was nice trip out. We also had assemblies where we had to sing hymns and sit on the floor. When we were older we got to sit on the benches as mentioned above and unlucky if you were on the end! Some of the hymns we sang were quite s*** let’s face it but I always remember this one as being quite…funky? I did a good lip sync to this one at the time – ha, of course I never actually sang!


6 – Stationary

Erasers that smelled like fruit, pens that smelled like fruit, a 10 in 1 pen, gold and silver “special” pens – there was certainly a lot of options…and also a big fat lie…



7 – Games Day

Usually on the last day of term we got to take in game to play with. This is where you would out what kids were spoilt and had all the latest games. Personally, I was happy with my lego and thought the ones that brought in things like “Speak & Spell” were dicks!




8 – School Lunches

Everything came with chips – it was great. There was pie with bright orange cheese in it, the burgers came in gravy and the custard was even made of chocolate. I am so glad I got free school dinners! I used to always have jelly too, well, that was until someone told me there was ants in the jelly and then I never had jelly again!

As I got older I started taking packed lunches and my mum would cut my sandwiches into little squares whereas all the other kids had to make do with triangles. My sandwiches were wrapped in kitchen foil and theirs were wrapped in only cling film – my sandwiches WERE PROTECTED! I would get a flask of diluted juice and even if the flask hadn’t leaked then the juice inside would always still taste “flasky” no matter what flavour it was.


9 – Sawdust

There was always that one pukey kid who was sick in the playground but that was ok because the janitor just sprinkled some sawdust on it so all was good again. Well, good until the wind got up and started blowing around vomit soaked sawdust. Ahhh the janitors loved their sawdust…


10 – The TV

We had a special TV room in the middle of the playground that we had to go to and watch. There was none of the TV trolley on wheels that would come to our class – oh no. We were made to walk out, in the rain and then as if that wasn’t bad enough we were made to watch scary ass programmes like this and it still freaks me out!


What about you? What were you like at school and what are your memories? I’d love to hear them!

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12 thoughts on “Going Back To School Part Two: Top 10 Memories Of The Early Years

  1. Great memories. Very similar to mine – a generation earlier. My primary school was brand new and so it was small. So we knew each other very well. The games were obviously slightly different – we didn’t have computer games – they weren’t even in our vocabulary at all. We had swaps and marbles but no conkers here in New Zealand. We had huge playing fields where you could hide during lunch break with horses in the paddock next door. But it was always a race to get back to class when the bell rang. We had no free lunches – I had to have squashed tomato sandwhiches – I can’t eat them now and the free milk was stopped a couple of years after I started school. Thank goodness – the smell of sour milk is horrible. Ah, those school memories

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  2. My top memories are:
    1) Country Dancing – I loved it, but it did mean you had to hold hands with a … BOY! 😫
    2) Being picked last for teams in PE. No one cared about your self esteem back then.
    3) Spam Fritters and Sago pudding. There were apparently no nutritional guidelines operating at the time.
    4) Basket weaving and Lino printing. There were apparently no Health and Safety guidelines operating at the time and you could gouge chunks out of your palms any time you fancied.
    Amazing how we survived!

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