#RIPCilla – Cilla Black: Legend!


I was very sad to learn of the passing of Cilla Black – she was absolutely the Queen of weekend television when I was growing up…

She was a legend and she will be very much missed by me and I’m sure many others. Let’s remind ourselves of why she was a legend!


I know times have changed but can you remember “your” Saturday night television line ups? This is my memories, with a few gentle reminders from TV Listings...

Saturday night television used to start in our house after my dad had watched the final football scores and realised we wouldn’t be millionaires as his bets hadn’t been fulfilled yet again. Not to worry, dinner was now all over too. When I say dinner, I mean a takeaway from the chip shop – Saturday’s dinner was always my favourite!

With the smell of vinegar still lingering in the air, sometimes, if we were lucky, after the boring news updates from ITN we would get fifteen minutes of this…

(1) Cartoon Time

The great thing about this was that you just never knew which cartoon it would be! It could be one of the Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck or some other completely random Merrie Melodie. What a perfect start to a Saturday evening!


(2) Gladiators

Almost the best television show ever.. Two men and two women every week would compete against superhumans in the most amazing games. The contestants would then battle it out on the assault course of all assault courses. I so wanted a try on the “travelator” and even still every time I’m in the airport or anywhere there is a moving platform I have an urge to run at it backwards. “Contenders, READY? Gladiators, READY?”


(3) Beadle’s About

Hated by many but loved by millions, Jeremy Beadle was the original prankster long before the internet was invented. There are some brilliant setups but there are some poor ones too. He was never too good at the disguises in my opinion. Sadly no longer with us I’d like to give him a round of applause for all the times he made me laugh, so join me and let’s have a big hand for Jeremy Beadle!


(4) Blind Date

The Queen of Saturday night television (and Sundays sometimes too, surprise) Miss Ciiiiiilllllllaaaa Blaaaack. Or, Cilla Black if you’re not the announcer introducing her. Blind Date – the original and best dating show. I was too innocent back in those days to even think about “oh, I wonder if they got jiggy jiggy with it when they went on their date” but it was a fun show and Cilla made it what it was. The modern-day equivalents are pale in comparison!


(5) Stars in their eyes

“Tonight Matthew I’m going to be…” wasn’t it great trying to guess who Joe the builder or Janet the secretary were going to be when they finally got through those magic doors without suffocating to death due to all the smoke? It was pure entertainment! It also introduced me to a lot of older songs and artists that I hadn’t heard of before. Granted, some were s**t but there were many talented people too. Too many shows like this these days have celebrities on them instead of the public. The average public are much more entertaining for me so sort it out! Cheers Matthew Kelly!


That was pretty much where Saturday night television finished for me. It would then be an episode of Casualty where you would try and guess who was going to die and how. I actually tried this last weekend (since Casualty is stiiiiiilll on) but it was less fun as it’s more about the doctors these days than the terrible accidents, shame!

What are your memories of Saturday night television?

Were you more of a Noel’s House Party fan?

Did you watch Baywatch for all the wrong reasons?

I’d love to hear your memories!

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4 thoughts on “#RIPCilla – Cilla Black: Legend!

  1. Ok, I am showing my age here – or it could be that we got the show long after it was filmed in England – Cilla which was our Saturday night entertainment. I just love her songs and she had such a twinkle in her eye. Especially in Blind Date. She really made the show what it was and was so warm with the contestants. RIP Cilla, you will be missed.

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