Morrison Construction: Committed And Enthusiastic In Destroying Dreams…

Morrison Construction are currently involved in being responsible for my new and unwanted Sunday alarm call…and also the well needed Alford Community Campus

First of all let me state that this project is a great addition to the village and will certainly increase the price of my house but I can’t focus on that right now as once again, on my only day that I can have a long lie in bed, I’ve been rudely awoken by this at 0730!


Imagine that on a loop!

During the week I need and have to deal with this waking me up…


After hearing that every weekday as you might expect it’s nice to sometimes not have an alarm but sadly I’ve not had that luxury for the past few months thanks to the construction site working very early on a Sunday morning!

I understand and accept the construction noise during the rest of the week but it’s frustrating to be woken at 0730 on a Sunday with this alarm…

I am no “Noise Pollution” expert but as far as I can see this should not be allowed on a Sunday…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.30.26


I have so far followed the correct procedures and reported it to the Environmental Health Officer at Aberdeenshire Council who has been most helpful but after weeks of going back and forward there is still an unwanted version of the “JCB song” going on outside my bedroom window and waking me up each Sunday…


I have also tried to contact the site manager only to have his emails bounced back at me so no doubt next weekend there will be yet another unwanted and even more annoying version than the original of the “Bob The Builder” alarm clock rudely awakening me…


So, Morrison construction as far as I can see you seem to be the overall company responsible therefore I have decided to rewrite your values for you.

Thank you for literally destroying my dreams on yet another Sunday morning!


Our business is founded on these values, and it is these which underpin the ethos of our business. We define our values through:

  • Excellence – striving to deliver the best and most unwanted wake up call

  • Passion – committed and enthusiastic in destroying dreams

  • Integrity – demonstrating poor ethical standards with diggers and beepers

  • Collaboration – dedicated to waking up the neighbourhood


What about you? Have you ever had “noise pollution” issues?

12 thoughts on “Morrison Construction: Committed And Enthusiastic In Destroying Dreams…

  1. I live in India. There are so many people here that the construction site will be peaceful for me
    I am sorry for your loss of good sleep but they are just doing their jobs. A couple of months and then good sleep again

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  2. Road crews have been camped at the end of my driveway for two weeks. The’ve dug up the entire country road and although the trucks seem to be roaring non-stop from early morning to late night – it appears nothing is being accomplished-unless all they actually intended was to find a road to ravage thus preventing access to the main road and keeping residents prisoners in their own homes? Mission Accomplished! I commiserate with you.

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