Never Assume! It Makes An ASS of U and ME – And People Sometimes Die!


I usually only get angry with news articles when they show how badly a person has treated an animal but there’s a news article that broke yesterday which, as a person, I could actually find myself guilty of and I am disgusted!

A couple were involved in a car accident and lay undiscovered for days. The man died and the woman is critically ill after being trapped, did I mention, for DAYS!

It was reported to the police and somehow it didn’t get logged and there was no follow up check. Okay, that’s quite bad and mistakes happen but that’s not really what disgusts me here. This accident happened on the M9 near Stirling which is by no means a quiet road. Obviously, it had been initially reported by someone but my question is – how many people drove past this car within those three days? 

How many people saw it and done nothing? 

How many people thought “oh I’m sure someone knows about it”? 

I’m guessing hundreds if not thousands. 

Although I wasn’t one of those passers by this time, I have found myself on occasions thinking that “someone else will have called it in” or something similar to that. 

Basically, the moral of this story is – never ASSUME. It makes an ASS of U and ME and in some cases – people fucking die!

Personally, whenever I see something wrong or not quite right about something from now on and if it’s not 100% clear that it’s being dealt with then I will report it.

My thoughts go out to the families involved and hope this incident is very thoroughly investigated. To anyone who drove past the car and could see it I hope, like me, this makes you think differently in the future too.

What about you? Do you assume?

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3 thoughts on “Never Assume! It Makes An ASS of U and ME – And People Sometimes Die!

  1. I am the sort of nosy person who rings the police. I have had to do so a lot lately. My neigbours are into domestic violence. We have had the cops down my street a lot lately. I watch too much of the CI channel to know that if someone doesn’t do anything it ends badly.



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