The Goonies Turns 30: They R Still Good Enough

Consequence of Sound

Thirty years ago today, one of the more important movies ever made specifically for kids was released. And yeah, it’s The Goonies. Hear me out. Richard Donner’s 1985 adventure film (how often do we describe films as such anymore, by the way?) about a band of misfit preteens and teenagers negotiating the perils of malfunctioning secret weapons, on-the-run mafiosos, aggressive land redevelopment, an unseen octopus, a lost pirate treasure, a series of life-threatening booby traps, a basement-dwelling, caramel- and peanut-loving man-creature, friendship, and puberty, among other things, stands as one of the best examples of a movie that you love as a child and then are pleased to learn is actually still good when you’re an adult. (Poor Good Burger. It never passes this test.)

It’s also one of the more poignant movies made specifically for kids and the rare family film that rather honestly captures the…

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2 thoughts on “The Goonies Turns 30: They R Still Good Enough

  1. Probably the most defining movie of my childhood. I ran away from home one time (only got as far as the end of the street) wishing Mikey was my best friend and we could go on an adventure together. I watched this film every day with my brother for an entire summer. And one day we watched it three times. So yeah. Thank you.

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