CBBC Memories – Hangar 17


Hangar 17 (CBBC, 1992-1994)

How to describe Hangar 17? It was a lot of things really, a lively sort of comedy/variety/music entertainment show thing and it was hosted by the stand-up comedian Mickey Hutton. Mickey’s presenting style was notable for two reasons. First of all, he had a rather thick Geordie accent so no-one knew what he was on about half the time, and secondly, he had the most ridiculous hairstyle. Not that I feel like I’m qualified to mock people’s choices in this area, but he did have really long hair. vlcsnap-00464

Alongside him on the presenting team were two guys called Ox and Weasel (I thought they were characters in Saved By The Bell?), plus Paul Leyshon who was also a DJ on the show (he went on to be in Hollyoaks, you know) and some woman who used to be in Neighboursvlcsnap-00461

The idea…

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