I Want To Be Instantly Ageless – Do You?

People often tell me I don’t look my age and that pleases me a lot. However, I’ve recently noticed that old age is creeping up on me…

I’m not really worried about going bald, getting grey hairs (wherever they may turn up…) or even being tired all the time. I also wouldn’t say I’m that vain but my biggest concern is getting a wrinkly face.


I’ve always been lucky and had quite good skin with just getting the occasional reoccurring spot. Considering I’ve been a smoker for so long I guess that makes me even luckier. I’ve been aware of the bags under my eyes for a while now and also the wrinkles that appear when I smile. I usually get around that by wearing glasses and not smiling!


NOTE: These are not my actual glasses but it is my actual non-smile
 The other day I looked in a new mirror that was at a lower angle than normal and all I could see was old man eyes and I quickly made up my mind not to look in that mirror again.

I’ve never used lots of fancy facial products except regular shower gel but more recently I have started to use some kind of face stuff on a Sunday evening. I just don’t have the time, money or inclination to investigate and buy men grooming products but this morning as I checked my Facebook updates I saw something that I need, want, must have NOW!

Take a look at these…

I’m usually quite sceptical about these type of things but with this one you can actually see the changes happening! 

Is it a big marketing con? Is it too good to be true? One thing is for sure – I will be finding out and I will let you know.

What about you? How do you try to keep looking younger?

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