Obscure TV Memories – Teletext…


Teletext (ITV/Channel 4, 1993-2009)

Many years ago I used to enjoy using Teletext, before the internet it was a very valuable service featuring the latest updates in news and sport coverage. Teletext replaced Oracle as the service for ITV and Channel 4 in 1993. And when I decided to recall the many hours I spent looking at the pages, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite features.

Bamboozle! This was the interactive game where the contestants where the viewers at home. Every day the charismatic Bamber Boozler would pose various general knowledge questions and we had to answer them by pressing the correct corresponding button on our remote control. The format did change over the years, with other members of Bamber’s family joining in the fun, and a few special games on a specific subject, but the challenge was always to get all the answers correct as…

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