CBBC Memories – Part 4.


Incredible Games (CBBC, 1994-1995)

The classic game show The Crystal Maze is still fondly remembered 25 years after it began and there have been a few shows that have tried to recreate its adventurous style, and Incredible Games is I would say CBBC’s closest equivalent to that show.

Every week three contestants took part. They entered the lift of a skyscraper. The idea was that they would stop on various floors and play a wonderfully odd variety of challenges to win prizes. Not that I realised it at the time but the host of the first series was none other than the comedian David Walliams, many years before he hit the big time with sketch show Little Britain. Incredible Games must have been one of his earliest TV appearances and unfortunately he didn’t return to host the second and final series a year later, but he was very good. vlcsnap-00452

He never really appeared properly on…

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