Eurovision 2015: Building “Video” Bridges…


As you might know I am a massive Eurovision Song Contest fan so this year when they decided to allow people the chance to “Video Bridge” to the Grand Final! I simply had to be a part of this…

Since Australia are allowed to enter this year I thought this would be a good theme to include in my “bridge” and luckily I know a very, very nice lady who moved back “down under” a few years ago and I can’t thank her enough for helping me out with another one of my crazy ideas.

So, here it is – my attempt at building Eurovision bridges, video style…

Just imagine if it’s actually shown during the grand final…it probably won’t happen but it was fun creating the video. Also, notice how I’ve also left it open-ended so if anyone wants to do the next part and catch an Aussie hat then let me know!

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