Game Show Memories – Part 4.


Going For Gold (BBC1, 1987-1996)

Another game show review, and even though it was only ever shown in daytime, this show became very popular. It was partly because people were coming, and everyone’s trying. This review will mostly be based on the first series.

It was the show where people competed to become the quiz champion of Europe. Henry Kelly was the host and revealed to find that champion would take 23 weeks because of the rather compilated knockout system. But we were assured that after 92 episodes and nearly six months we would have our winner who received the star prize of a trip to the Olympics in Seoul, and there were a few other smaller prizes on offer for the runners-up. vlcsnap-00255

The contestants came from 14 countries across Europe and in the rather overcrowded preliminary round they were asked “what am I?”-type questions as four were needed to progress to…

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