Could The Lyrics To Eurovision Songs Be Recited As Poetry..?

Love it or hate it, The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the highlights of my musical year. Living in Scotland, the home of great poets such as Robert Burns and actors such as Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor I thought is it possible to use the lyrics from a Eurovision song as either a poem or an audition recital?

Let’s find out…

Eurovision has been known to contain songs with some very dodgy lyrics but at the end of the day it is a “song” contest so these lyrics should be just as good as the music that accompanies them to make it a song.

What I’ve done is taken a Eurovision winner from each of the last 4 decades , stripped them back to simple words and recited them in a “wonderful” Scottish accent (I apologise for my voice in advance but it’s the only one I’ve got).

Your Eurovision Mission, if you care to accept it, is to identify the song and decide whether this would rank alongside the literary geniuses of our time.

Enjoy, I did…

From the 80’s…


From the 90’s…


From the 00’s…


From the ’10’s…

If you think you can do better then I throw out the challenge to you! Get your Europoetry on!

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8 thoughts on “Could The Lyrics To Eurovision Songs Be Recited As Poetry..?

  1. Australia is EXCITED!
    We are all sitting on our hands just waiting for our turn to shine (and vote) in this years extended boundaries Eurovision. Interestingly, one of our nations newspapers had their April fools day fun via the front page announcement that Brisbane was bidding for next years Eurovision instead of a future Olympic event. Haha.
    Rock on May in Austria.
    By the way I love the spoken word but please don’t do a “William Shatner” on all the Eurovision masters. Teardrops will fall😂

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  2. What a fun thing to do. I only know that the first one from the 80’s is Buck Fizz – Making Your Mind Up. I didn’t really follow the Eurovision contest much in the 90’s – Austria always lost, so didn’t do much with it. I came back to New Zealand in 2001 so never had anything to do with it. Until your posts really. It does bring back some cool songs though

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