CITV Memories – Part 5.


Mike and Angelo (CITV, 1989-2000)

From the people who brought you Spatz which I reviewed on here yesterday, this is another rather silly and straightforward CITV sitcom that was very long-running.

The plot was that one day an alien called Angelo left his home planet and crash landed in a house in Cricklewood and befriends an American boy who lived there called Mike with his auntie Rita, and then they go on to have adventures together, and that’s about it really. Like Spatz it also had an blatantly awful canned laughter track. vlcsnap-00364

Angelo was able to do lots of magic things and when he was by himself he liked to sit in a cupboard or stand on the ceiling and juggle. This meant that there were a few special effects in the show but they didn’t look terribly convincing. vlcsnap-00366

There were a lot of cast changes over the years. Angelo…

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