…I’d Never Had One That Big Before…

Steve McSteveface

I have always been fascinated when overhearing snippets of conversations as you pass people by and wondering what the f*** are they talking about – “what is their story?”…

Everyone has their own world going on for them and we sometimes are a part of it, if even for 3 seconds.

I have discussed this before and I was told that there is a name for this type of “curiosity” but I can’t remember and Google hasn’t helped me this time.

A couple of years ago I decided to see if I could write lyrics with this theme in mind in the hope that one day someone much more musically gifted than me could create a song from it…

Verse One

When you see someone that you just don’t know
Where they’ve come from
Or are about go
With a name not known and a past not shown

Pre Chorus

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