Gambling Is Cool…For Cats…

I was lucky enough to win some money on The Grand National since my horse finished in 4th place but watching some of the horses fall and knowing that in the past some have died during the race got me thinking…

How are these horses looked after when they are too old to compete or have injuries that stop them performing. I considered donating my winnings to some “horse charity” but then realised that these horses have all probably won so much money in their lifetime and also anyone who owns horses is probably rich enough to look after them comfortably anyway. As well as that, I’m really not a “horsey” person so the thought of donating to a random horse sanctuary for elderly equines soon passed.

However the thought of donating to a charity didn’t pass. I love cats and I’ve always had them in my life. I currently have two tortoise shells called Bingo and Disco…

It always makes me sad when I hear stories of abandoned or mistreated cats or dogs and can’t believe people can be so cruel. There’s a cat and dog shelter called Mrs Murrays Cat And Dog Home in Aberdeen and they do an amazing job…

Mrs Murray’s was founded in 1889, by Mrs Susan Murray, as a place of refuge and shelter for lost and stray dogs and cats in Aberdeen City and Shire. The Home has since expanded to take in animals from their owners, who for a variety of reasons can no longer keep them, and find new homes for them. The home also caters for a variety of small animals who have been abandoned and need to be placed in loving new homes.
It is the only place of it’s kind in the North East and is largely dependent on legacies and public donations to help towards the cost of caring for the animals. Each year over 1500 animals pass through our gates. Most are abandoned and unwanted. The Home is a registered charity and relies on donations and the support of the pubic to help fund the cost of looking after the animals and securing their future.


I often look at their website and consider re-homing a cat but I don’t think it would be fair on the cat or my own cats. However, I still really want to help. I’ve also based on of my training exercises on the shelter as well but that’s a different story altogether…

After my lucky win I am now in a position to donate some money to the shelter and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. My initial stake was £30 and I won £108 so I’ll keep my original stake, donate £70 and have a cheeky game with the remaining £8.

I know it’s only a small amount but I hope it helps and I would like to congratulate all the staff at Mrs Murrays for doing an amazing job – keep up the great work and long may it continue!




22 thoughts on “Gambling Is Cool…For Cats…

  1. Reblogged this on Steve Says… and commented:

    It’s Grand National weekend in the UK. Last year I won some money and donated it to a local cat shelter. Hopefully I’ll be lucky again this weekend, finger’s crossed…



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