#FridayFoto: Look Again (Keep Their Memories Afloat)

During the past week many historical statues in Aberdeen, Scotland have had an “artistic makeover” as part of the Look Again festival. This was too good an opportunity to miss so I went on a statue hunt…

Robert Burns


William Wallace


General Charles Gordon


The Mannie (which I’ve actually always thought was Peter Pan)


Sometimes you need to pull back people’s interest in old statues and keep their historical significance afloat.

There are others but these are my favourites. This is much more fun than the Weeping Angels of Doctor Who!

Picture In Picture - Edit
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This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by http://dailypost.wordpress.com with the theme Afloat.

“How do you interpret the word afloat? It could be the expression on your son’s face as he jumps on the bed. Maybe it’s your daughter’s triumphant smile after tossing training wheels to master her two-wheeler. It could be a beautiful cloud formation, pollen on the breeze, or an errant birthday party balloon making its escape into the sky. So looking forward to seeing what afloat means to you”Krista, Daily Post.

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11 thoughts on “#FridayFoto: Look Again (Keep Their Memories Afloat)

  1. thanks so much for posting about the Look Again festival. I’m the artist that did the “wee mannie” (mannie well). It’s been a brilliant response, obviously not everyone likes “history” being messed with, but the people that I spoke to that haven’t initially liked this, have come around after realizing all the artists were well researched, sensitive & considerate to the original statues “safety”…. and every single aspect of all the responses are connected to the statue’s histories – which just takes a little effort to explore & think of to gain new insight into these statues. The overall brief was to “get Aberdonians to re-discover their historical statues that are often ignored”, I think we have all managed to engage with many Aberdonians that don’t often “engage” with art. So thank you, for helping spread the word about this project, It’s been a real pleasure working on it & I am very proud of the response from positive & intelligent Aberdonians!

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. It’s definitely got people talking and realising that they take the statues for granted – fantastic idea and Aberdeen needs more of this type of “out of the box” thinking. Well done!



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