The Sweet Smell Of…Me


Smells like Steve Spirit

For me there are two things that will instantly bring back memories and almost transfer me back to a particular time in my life. The first is music and the second is smells…

The inspiration for this post* came when a man got on a bus wearing an aftershave that I used to wear and in that instant many memories came flooding back. I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t get either thrown off the bus or beaten up as I was constantly and obviously sniffing it up – I must have looked like a crazy person! Either way it’s made me want to share a list of my top five favourite aftershaves and what they remind me of.

Favourite Aftershaves

This is also my first ever “scratch and sniff” post** so please use the pictures to interact and share this experience!

 Live Jazz

This was my first ever “grown up” aftershave and it was also the one that the man who got on the bus was wearing. It’s not one I’ve used recently but after being reminded of it I am trying to hunt it down in the shops but it’s quite old so it’s more difficult to get a hold of.

I remember wearing it during my second year of University and when I was just beginning to enjoy going out to nightclubs. Up until that point I’d always worn glasses but I’d just got my first set of contact lenses and not only that I had also bleached my hair blonde and got my eyebrow pierced. I thought I was “the man”, now looking back at the photos I should be embarrassed for myself but I’m not as I was having a great time and have so many wonderful memories!


PI was the first aftershave I bought with my own money that I’d earned from a proper part-time job. During the summer of 1999 I got a job in a local supermarket and it was one of the best summers of my life. I met so many great people, had an amazing new apartment and not a care in the world.

I recall it was a really hot Saturday and I was reading through the magazines in the shop (don’t tell the boss) and came across a sample of this aftershave. I had to smell it obviously – and I loved it! So, on the way home I stopped by the shopping centre and bought it as well as a brand new pair of sunglasses. I couldn’t wear the aftershave on the walk home but I could wear the sunglasses so I put them on right away. Walking home, in the sunshine, with my new shades on and my fancy new aftershave in a bag – again I thought I was “the man”. I didn’t feel embarrassed this time until I got home, looked in the mirror and realised there was still large stickers on the front of the sunglasses! Oh well, never mind…

Acqua di Gio

This wasn’t an aftershave I used to wear but my flat mate did. He would drown himself in it every time he went out “on the pull” and that was pretty often. Every time I smell it now it reminds me of him. Recently, I got it as a gift and I started to wear it to work only on the days I am delivering training so it has become my “training aftershave”. I made the mistake one day of asking Greg where my “training aftershave” was and when I explained, he made yet another comment about me being “on the spectrum”. Either way it’s a great scent!

Cool Water

This is probably one that I wear most often as a day-to-day aftershave. My main memory of this is when I worked as the manager of a small supermarket and I had been given a bottle as a gift for Christmas. I didn’t work Christmas that year but I did have to work the day after New Year. You can imagine I was very hung over and having to turn up to work at 0530 and unbundle the daily newspapers didn’t fill me with joy. However, I sprayed myself with the aftershave (a lot) and went to work. Every time I went onto the shop floor all I could smell was…me. I kept thinking “hmmm, I fell like shit but at least I smell nice” and that kind of got me through the rest of that long day.

The Dreamer

I think this is my all time favourite. I’m not sure it just has one memory attached but more a series of memories and they are all quite drunken hazy memories. That in itself is probably quite fitting with the name. If one smell was to sum me up – this would be it.

So, if you are thinking of buying me a gift and wondering what to buy at least now you have options!

What about you – what are your favourite aftershaves or perfumes and why? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @stevesays2014

*I spent far too much time looking for the image to use as the featured image for this post than was needed

**of course it’s not scratch and sniff!

The Sweet Smell Of…Me


13 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell Of…Me

  1. Smells have a strong tie to my memories for me as well. Your post has transported me through time to memories of some of the men in my life. Cool Water takes me back to one hot steamy summer that I will always cherish.

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