Game Show Memories – Part 3.


One To Win (BBC1, 1991-1992)

Here’s another look in the game show archive, and today it’s an obscure one. In the 1980s, there was the great show Bob’s Full House. One To Win lasted for only one series on Saturday evenings and has similar rules.

One To Win was hosted by Andrew O’Connor, a presenter who I very much enjoyed on TV at the time, and I’m not even being ironic or anything like that. This is an irony free site, honest. vlcsnap-00237

The title sequence featured Andrew being ambushed by some numbers, before he then descended some stairs, and each one lit up as he went down them which was very showbiz. After a few jokes it was time to wheel on the three contestants. After they told the usual silly anecdotes, it was time to play the game. vlcsnap-00239

They were all given a card with 15 numbers. In…

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