CITV Memories – Part 4


Spatz (CITV, 1990-1992) spatz0001Spatz was an early-90s CITV sitcom that was set in the crazy fast-moving world of a fast-food restaurant. The show got its name from the old-fashioned footwear that the top-hatted gentleman in the logo wore. There was a lot of publicity when the show launched. There was a picture in TV Times and everything. vlcsnap-00359

The main character in the show is TJ, an easy-going Canadian businessman who has the really cool idea of setting up a chain of fast-food restaurants in England. He was joined by Karen and the show starts with them hiring a crazy bunch of characters to work in their new branch of Spatz in Cricklewood. Naturally, chaos ensues, for a bit. vlcsnap-00360

Most of the comedy in the show came from the staff having run-ins with the customers, TJ and Karen’s attempts to keep everything running smoothly, and an ongoing rivalry with another fast-food…

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