I Guess I Do Have A Bucket List After All

What’s #1 On Your Bucket List?

I’ve read lots of posts and heard other people share what’s on their “bucket list” of things they want to do before they die and never really thought I had anything I’d want to put on mine before. Until recently, that is…

Something I have always wanted to do is jump in a camper van, with no plan or destination and just head off around Europe.

Now that I have finally passed my driving test this isn’t out with the realms of possibility anymore. I’ve never actually associated this “non plan” with a bucket list before but the signs and the desire have always been there.

I’ve always been fascinated with Volkswagen camper vans so that would have to be my vehicle of choice. I used to have a poster of one that I would put up on all the walls of all the places I lived as a student…

Takin’ A Trip…

I’ve always thought it would be awesome to play guitar around a campfire in the middle of nowhere and then sleep under the stars. A UK band called Dodgy had a fantastic album and associated album cover that made my imagination run wild…

This was one of my favourite songs from the album…

I usually love planning (or more realistically – I have to plan) so the idea of a “non plan” travel adventure sounds exciting to the point of liberating.

Therefore, I’ve decide that this would be item one on my bucket list and the more I think about it I’m sure other ideas will follow.

I may, however, talk myself out of this as I watch way too many horror movies such as The Wrong Turn series of films…

Perhaps being out in the middle of nowhere is not only exciting and liberating but it could also end up being not just the first item on my bucket list but also the last. Knowing my luck I’d be the first person to “kick the bucket” while actioning my bucket list!

What about you – what’s on #1 item on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014


10 thoughts on “I Guess I Do Have A Bucket List After All

  1. Well, good luck erasing that horror show from your mind. I certainly liked the music better, especially that guy’s silver shirt! I share your desire to just go and explore, but now The Wrong Turn has me wondering….

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