The Joys Of Being A Simple Man…

Warning this post contains addictive qualities so please read on with caution…

I loved computer games when I was growing up and I would spend hours playing with the latest console. From my first Sega Master System right up until the first Sony Playstation I’ve lost days if not weeks in fantasy worlds with plumbers, scantily clad tomb raiders amongst many others.

I would be constantly impressed as the gameplay and graphics became more advanced really quickly.

I’m not quite sure when I lost interest in having the latest console and nowadays the idea of playing all these new fancy games that I know are out there, doesn’t appeal to me at all. I know I could Call Of Duty my Grand Theft Auto in an online, multisubmersive, seat shaking, don’t see natural sunlight for weeks on end environment but I simply can’t be bothered and I would probably lose interest in a day or two.

Okay, so maybe I do know when and where I lost interest in all things console – it was around 1999 and it looked something like this…


Snake – so simple, so addictive and so I loved it!

I would play it for hours until my hand pretty much looked like a claw and from what I remember my highest score on the hardest level was something like 1400.

No ground-breaking technology, no lifelike graphics – simple is as simple does and it suited me just fine.

As mobile phones and tablets have evolved so have the games that come with them. I know there are really great game apps I could be playing but I’ve stuck with the “I am simple, give me simple” principle and been hooked on games such as… 

Doodle Jump…a simple jumping up game…


Candy Crush…a simple matching up game…


I do even venture into the online multiplayer environment by means of…

Words With Friends…a simple word game…


I admit that I do get addicted to these games really quickly and get annoyed by how easily I am sucked in which leads me on to explain the warning at the top of this post.

Somebody on my Facebook posted a photo of himself and his family all sitting on the sofa with their tablets and phones playing the same game.

What is this game? I thought. 

Why are they all so engrossed it? I wondered. So, off to the App Store I went…


It’s called Daddy Long Legs and the objective is…well, simple. 

Make the creature with the long legs travel the furthest distance possible by tapping and swapping which leg moves. Am I mad? How is this fun you might be asking and all I have to say to that is – try it!

It’s simple. I love the simple things in life be it games for my phone, flipping the pillow on the bed over to the cold side or watching the eggs turn from liquid to solids in the pan when making scrambled eggs. I’m easily pleased and the world is a much more fun place that way.

What about you? What games do you enjoy playing and what simple things make you happy?

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24 thoughts on “The Joys Of Being A Simple Man…

  1. I have TempleRun, CandyCrush, Subway Surf, etc etc etc on my iPad and a couple of them on my phone. And it isn’t for me. Its for my nieces and nephew (ranging from age 3-5) who owns the phone and iPad when they can get their hands on it. I get bored with these games so easily. I would rather get engrossed in a book.

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  2. I can so relate to this!
    A funny story about snake… 11 years ago, my dad had been in hospital after having angioplasty, following a heart attack. He was out of theatre, and I was 3 hours away, anxious to know how he was… Mums phone was off, so by chance I rang Pops phone. I was hoping to leave a message, but it rang.. And he picked up.”Pops!” I said, “You shouldn’t have your phone on on the ward!” “I know,” he said, “but I started playing Snake and forgot the time!”

    Oh, and I love Odd Socks, Pearls Peril, 2048 and Chocoblocks!

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  3. I am on level 725 of Candy Crush, maxed out on the current Candy Crush Soda levels. Thanks for reminding me, I have two Words with Friends games I need to get back to today! I am also fond of Angry Birds (replay to get perfect scores) and word searches.

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  4. A game app I have on my iPad called Jumbline. I have to delete it from the iPad every once and a while because I can’t seem to stop playing it. It’s the only game I’ve ever really been addicted to.

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