Beach, Photos and Souls…

I love taking photos by Aberdeen beach and as today was my birthday I always like to take a walk along the beach…

It wasn’t a particularly nice day as it was overcast and there was a slight drizzle but I didn’t care because I really wanted to take some new photos.

I had some ideas in mind and I always get inspired when I see photos from The Numpty With A Camera but I will warn you now my photos are so much poorer in comparison.

I also got inspiration from the new album by AWOLNATION which I talked about in my VLOG earlier. I love the song “Headrest For My Soul” and the album cover is really cool too.

So, off I went with my iPhone and an idea and I’m quite pleased with some of the results.

Two photos really stood out for me. I’m always fascinated with photos taken from behind with people’s backs to me – not sure why. I think it has some kind of mystery to it. This one, with the young kids and the umbrellas was one of my favourites…




The next one is of Greg looking out to sea for mermaids…


FullSizeRender (1)


The next few are a series and I don’t think they really need any explanation…



IMG_2306IMG_2307IMG_2308IMG_2309IMG_2310IMG_2310IMG_2311IMG_2312 IMG_2313



I’ve not made a photo montage video for a while so I thought I would use my photos from the beach today together with a song. Sadly, I can’t use “Headrest For My Soul” because of the copyright police but if you open this and watch my video at the same time it will achieve the same effect – in your face copyright police!


You might notice from the below that I have ditched Pinterest in favour of YouTube so please subscribe to my channel to see more random videos.


For more randomness take a look at my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts…






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