Soap Star Superstar: Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow)…


Anne Kirkbride played Deirdre Barlow in British soap opera, Coronation Street, from 1972–2014.

Coronation Street was a big part of television when I was growing up and still is…


Deirdre Barlow was one of the main characters as long as I have known the soap. Sadly, Anne Kirkbride, who brilliantly played Deirdre for over 40 years died in January at the age of 60 after a short illness.

She first appeared in the show at he age 18…


Her trademark was her perm and her glasses and she had some of the biggest storylines in the soap including the love triangle with Ken and Mike which resulted in a thrilling climax…


Deirdre went to jail and this even made the national news and the Prime Minister ended up getting involved to free the Weatherford One. This is where one of my favourite lines from Deirdre came from…


Anne discussed her time as Deirdre in a 2001 documentary called “Deirdre & Me”…


Anne filmed her last scene as Deirdre in 2014 and I’m sure the writers will give her the send off she deserves.


Thanks for the memories Anne!

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OMG – Pft me…


7 thoughts on “Soap Star Superstar: Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow)…

  1. I remember her when she first started on Corrie. She was a breath of fresh air and Ray Langton was smitten fast. I also saw the documentary she made. It was good to see what she was like in real life. RIP Anne Kirkbride. I don’t watch it now. We are 2 years behind England so it is easier to keep up with it online.

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    1. I’ve not watched it for years but every time I do see it I know I could catch up in 2 episodes. It’s a comfort blanket really. I will definitely be watching to see how the bid Deirdre farewell

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