Game Show Memories – Part 13


Win, Lose Or Draw (ITV, 1990-1998)

Win, Lose or Draw is an ITV daytime game show that I was very fond of and I always watched it as much as I could. When it started it was shown in the afternoons, but in later series it was moved to the classic 9:25 slot, and the format was based on an American show.

Win, Lose Or Draw was a rather daft panel game where “only a doodle will do”. Every day two teams of three would take part. There would be the male team and the female team, consisting of two celebrities who stayed for the whole of the week, so there was a battle of the sexes element, along with a member of the public who played for some of your actual Earth pounds. vlcsnap-00588

The show was sort-of like Give Us A Clue but with pens. Contestants were given a phrase…

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