Hand Me Your Stella And Fly…


After a week away from home at a training course there was only one reward I wanted…

A nice, cold bottle of beer and a plane to take me home.

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse. This is one of my favourite songs of yours and it contains the best lyric – “hand me your Stella and fly”…

This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by http://dailypost.wordpress.com with the theme Reward.

“Reward is filthy with possibility: it could be your third grader’s beaming smile after reading her first chapter book, a steaming mug of chicken soup after a long run in the cold, a photo of your brand-new baby — your reward for patience during nine months of construction, or your extended family gathered around the dinner table.

Can’t wait to see how you interpret this challenge. Have fun! Krista Daily Post.

To see previous entries please look at the archives or click on Weekly Photo  in the category cloud on this page.

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