#FridayFunny: The Ultimate Comeback…

Last week I posted the “best joke in the world ever (possibly)” so let’s keep with a #fridayfunny theme this week…

This has been a big week in music with Madonna’s little stumble and the Internet pretty much breaking as a result. Lots of memes, gifs and videos took over everything and, of course – they were funny and I joined in with a few of my own

There were articles about other “great celebrity fails/falls” but I’m never one to focus on the negatives and by all accounts neither is Madge – she got right back up off her 56 year old ass and carried on with one of the ultimate comebacks of all time. 

Major credit deserved!

Still the Queen Of Pop

In honour of this latest and most public comeback in her career I thought I would share my greatest, witty “comeback line”. 

There are so many posts out there sharing  comeback lines and once I’ve shared mine I will be going off to read a lot of these and no doubt laugh my ass off!

It goes something like this…

“Would you like to go to the X Factor Live Tour?”

“No, I would rather s*** in my hands and clap!”

Obviously the answer can be used to any question but isn’t it just the best?

What about you? What’s your favourite comeback?

OMG – Pft me…



Feedback is a gift...

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