Game Show Memories – Part 1.


Bullseye (ITV, 1981-1995)

Here’s the first in a very long series of my favourite game show memories. Some of the shows I’ll be looking back at will be rather obscure, but this one isn’t. However, I am still a big fan of Bullseye, and as the format doesn’t really need much explanation as you must already be familiar with it, this will more be a piece about the history of the show and what it means to me. vlcsnap-00201

After darts began to increase in popularity, Bullseye started on ITV in 1981. It was hosted by Jim Bowen who always insists that he wasn’t the first choice to host the show. At the time he was best known for being a comedian but he did become a success hosting the show. vlcsnap-00207

When the first series was repeated on Challenge recently it did come across as something of a shambles and rather…

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