Tell Me – How Do You Learn..?

brain Everyone learns differently that’s been proven but when it comes to learning how to do simple IT related tasks – what do you prefer? For example –  if you wanted to know how to use Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook and you had three learning choices which one would be your choice? (1) A Written Reference Document A detailed written step by step instruction… IMG_0541 (2) An In Depth eLearning Video A five-minute video explaining the process in great detail…

(3) A Short, To The Point Knowledge Injection A fast looping video as an attention grabber (accompanied by music – oh yes!) with a link in the caption to more supporting information if required…

Quick StepsCombine Multiple Actions Into One Click

Which do you prefer and why – please do let me by leaving a message in the comments below. Cheers!

OMG – Pft me…



19 thoughts on “Tell Me – How Do You Learn..?

  1. It’s #3 for me, short and to the point. Give me too much technical info and I get swamped. You wouldn’t exactly call me a sponge – more like a brick. The info will eventually seep in through all the tiny crevices. lol.

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  2. It would be #1 for me, Steve. I find following a printed guide far more helpful and beneficial than watching a video and then forgetting bits of what I have just watched. I know it’s wrong (save the trees and all that), but I will print out instructions and following them by the mark. I do the same with recipes. 🙂

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  3. I don’t use Outlook, so I’m not familiar with Quick Steps. Generally I prefer written instruction that I can read and reread and experiment with. Interactive videos are helpful, but they seem to go too quickly, or too slowly. I know that I can replay sections, but it is a lot to remember when I go back to the application. Twin screens would be helpful.


  4. Quick steps are easier to follow. I lose track with videos. and am constantly flipping between the advice and the programme. Such as trying to work out a new theme for my blog yesterday – the help was totally and utterly useless and a waste of time. I had about 4 tabs open and nothing helped at all.

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  5. #3 for me. I have difficulty with the first two because I stop paying attention partway through long resources. Especially if it’s a long step-by-step thing, because I absolutely loathe that kind of learning: I like to wander and explore.

    But take that with a grain of salt because I have ADHD, and going off the beaten path is sort of what I do for a living in QA.

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    1. Hey Jenny – nice hearing from you! Thanks for sharing your preference – this is very helpful. If you wanted to you could do me a favour and help me get other people’s thoughts?


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